Intys Partners joins T&S Group
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Intys joins T&S Group

We are excited to announce an important new step in Intys history, as Intys joins T&S Group, a European consulting group based in Strasbourg with an international presence counting 22 offices around the world.

This new industrial alliance will :

-Establish a leading consulting player covering a wide range of expertise and high value-added solutions rooted in innovation and operational excellence.
-Accelerate our growth strategy to enter new markets by offering access to larger projects and new opportunities, giving us larger visibility and network.
-Expand career opportunities for Intyssers and let us join forces with new colleagues.

The combined group will count more than 2400 employees. Intys structure, brands, and management will continue autonomously its development.

“Recently, one of our major clients told me: “Intys, we greatly appreciate your ability to understand our business, but also the innovative way you look at our projects. The question I want to ask you is, when will you be ready to deliver the same level of quality not only in Belgium but also further abroad?” Today, with this merger, I am convinced that we are ready.“ Philippe Metz CEO OF INTYS

Discover the video here