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CSR Report

Since a little while, you discovered the new Intys motto, “engage for impact.”

In fact, there is nothing new about Intys engagement in having an impact, so the tagline was a self-evident one.

Intys mission is to have a positive impact on its clients, its Intyssers, and society.

Beyond Intys ambition to play a key role in creating value for European companies, for years, we have taken action to be an active player in the field of societal change. Every year, Int y s collaborates with several community organisations by supporting them in their volunteering effort s and helping them with their business challenges.

Through this document, we wanted :

  • To present our CSR approach, Philippe Metz’s sentence could summarize it: “Business for good is also good for business.”
  • To introduce the United Nations SDGs on which we based our CSR program.
  • To come back on all the CSR initiatives, including: raising awareness, connecting to local communities via skilled-sponsorships, university partnerships, and encouraging participation concerning volunteering actions.

This CSR report is a first for Intys, so we know to have room to improve ourselves; this year, the focus will be on measuring our impact to evaluate our progress through the years.

If you are interested in the topic or have any comments, I would be happy to discuss it further!

Chloé Charrière

Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainable Development