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Living our values

Having a clear values statement and making sure that this statement comes to life within the company is probably the most important thing you can do for corporate culture and ultimately for business. I always keep in mind that building a culture is a never-ending process; it is all about business transformation.” – Philippe Metz, CEO of Intys.

Our core values guide our actions and help us make consistent decisions; it reflects how our organization shows up and operates globally.

In our video, we illustrate our values by combining leisure and professional situations because we want the Intyssers to find passion in whatever they do.

At Intys, we want you to reach your full potential; that is why we value:

This implies the ability to mobilize our energies to meet or exceed expectations.
Go the extra mile!

Performance, an Intys value


The entrepreneurial mindset embodies this, and it applies to all aspects of our business at every level of our company.
Be bold!

Courage, an Intys value


In today’s world, being performant means being agile, making proactive commitments, and being ready to adapt to change.
Stay alert!

Competence, an Intys value


This core value means providing the conditions for everybody to succeed and recognizing the result.
Let’s close the deal and celebrate!

Accomplishment, an Intys Value

Communicating on core values that resonate with us is important, but this list is not meant to be set in stone.

Beyond this list of words, we believe in the work-life balance and the importance of the self-accomplishment feeling.

Do these values talk to you?
Find your perfect match across the group.