Intys Hackathon 2019

Intys Hackathon – 2019

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What did our Intys Hackathon look like? Watch the after-movie video! here :
Curious to know more about our Intys Hackathon Volume 2? Read the following!

Hackathons fit in the Open Innovation method. The goal is to innovate on a specific topic by implementing concrete short term changes. The diversity of the participants during the event ensures creativity and innovation in the results. During the event, the participants will fully commit themselves to their work in order to achieve the best possible result.

How does it work?
A hackathon is an event for self-expression that stimulates creativity and innovation. At the beginning of a hackathon, an organizing company shares one of their business challenges with the group of hackathon participants. In small groups, the participants work during a period of 2 to 4 days and dive into the challenge at hand. At the end of the event, each team presents their solution to a panel of judges, who in turn selects the best one for implementation. Thanks to the diversity of the participants, the output of each team is usually also very diverse, which makes choosing a winner a real challenge for the judges.

Intys’ twist:
Intys’ twist to this method is ideation labs, 24h prototyping, games and chill vibes. We create the space for our Intyssers to share their opinion and drive changes themselves about the business internal challenges and topics that affect them. And what better way to involve them in the process than by having a 24h hackathon.

The intyssers have been encouraged to “Dare and Dream”
by Philippe Metz, CEO of Intys.

This year motto was “Team work climbs mountains”. #Hack Intys Vol. 2 took place in April & May 2019. There, themes vary widely as well. Flexible transportation means, e-learning solutions, teambuilding events are now in the testing phase.

Last year, more than 30 ideas were on the line. The first edition (#Hack Intys Vol. 1) handled various topics ranging from eco-drive incentives to concrete tools aimed at optimizing day to day missions. 8 products in total led by very motivated transversal teams of consultants, business managers, and internal staff.