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How can individual competency leverage on overall company efficiency ?

Business challenge

It is commonly known that “two heads are better than one.” Imagine if your company can capitalize on its entire talent pool; what would be the cumulated experience/expertise? Your company is an ocean when it comes to competencies; it is a matter of creating synergy.

We applied this concept to a real case scenario for one of our clients in the Energy sector. The ‘silo way of working’ in their PMO department and limited communication among PMOs and Program managers prevent from having project transversality and result in:

  • lack of visibility on the different programs regarding budget, timeline, resources, tools because the information is scattered across each Program/Project;
  • Project overlaps which ultimately affect the budget and resources of the Program/Project.

The standard approach would suggest creating a competency matrix to identify training and development opportunities for each talent in your organization. However, the innovative approach would recommend focusing on competency coordination to thrive in a dynamic and changing environment.

Intys innovative approach

We favor the competency coordination approach because it enables us to:

  • Improve the time-to-market: coordinated experience allows flexibility to a constantly changing market;
  • Generate more visibility for cross-disciplinary projects;
  • Capitalize on everyone’s strengths and expertise and create team synergy.

This innovative approach has been articulated around a “Market of Skills.” A workshop framework was put in place by facilitators to engage participants in various discussions and knowledge sharing.

Impact and results

The “Market of Skill’ workshop was given to 10 PMOs with a cumulated experience of 10 years. This approach proved that individual expertise could bring leverage to overall company performance. Indeed, the following results were achieved during the workshop:

  • All 10 participants truly enjoyed spending time together and socializing and created team spirit;
  • Concrete knowledge sharing sessions were scheduled to enhance communication and team synergy;
  • Participants have a deeper understanding of the PMO/Program Manager role, and visibility is given on the common challenges.