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Since 2016, as part of helping our clients to maximize their transformation process, we have also acted as an incubator for companies facing challenges, by offering them dedicated in-house support. It is important for us to partner with entrepreneurs sharing our vision and combining our expertise. Intys Partners is looking for the best ideas, projects, and start-ups, able to demonstrate their ability to innovate, create and develop their own ideas.

If you are a consultant and interested in paving your way towards a successful and fulfilling career, please go on the job page of the different Intys companies websites.


Pascale Sansonetti

CEO of Agir

Jean-François Heering

Jean-François Heering

Partner / CEO of Vadis Technologies

In 2016, our company was going through a major sectoral crisis that had a significant impact on its financial health. Joining Intys allowed us to consolidate our position vis-à-vis our traditional customers and to access new referrals through an acquisition. In one year, we doubled in size and are now fully profitable. The naval sector is also healthier, and we are proud to once again have great ambitions and to be able to bring our expertise to this sector and beyond. We now propose a new offer in engineering and consultancy in major industrial projects. We are able to respond to the needs of the industry and transport world and to expand beyond the maritime sector with the Ariane rocket project for example.

Engage for impact by relying on our centres of excellence

With more than 14 years of experience, we have built up valuable know-how and a network of connections. Working as one Group allows us to capitalize on this. Joining our group is the opportunity to:

  • Helping your organization to achieve the strategic positioning of your products and brands
  • Making the daily management of your company easier
  • Concentrating on your client’s needs more
  • Increasing your market share
  • Strengthening your competitiveness
  • Improving your profitability

Be part of the group

Strategy and value creation

Intys Partners guides partner companies to create unique value propositions. We accompany our Partners to superior corporate performance thanks to the group synergies.

Delivery excellence

COMPASS is a flexible team composed of multidisciplinary experienced professionals helping Intys customers to drive the implementation of their strategy.

Sales and Marketing excellence

A brand can be a differentiating asset that generates new growth drivers. Communicating under the Group brand provides a solid basis for expanding the area of influence. Our team can support your product marketing positioning as well as provide you with valuable marketing insights. We also provide advice on communication matters, including graphic guidelines, press relations, and website & social media management, a group intranet, events organization, design thinking, and videos. Not only is video one of the most efficient mediums for sharing knowledge, detailed processes, and other communications, it also engages employees in learning something quickly. Therefore, meanwhile we develop our presence on videos’ platform such as YouTube, we elaborate an internal online Videos academy to keep our talented consultants up to date.

Employee Experience

In today’s tight marketplace, it is vital to adopt an employer of choice strategy, establishing a business that is a great place to work at in an attempt to attract and retain the most talented professionals. We strongly believe that positive employee experience is not only desirable, it also impacts customer experience. According to organizational researches and our own experience, positive employee experience has a positive impact on motivation, organizational commitment and job involvement. All this leads in turn to better performance, and then to satisfied customers.

Management excellence

Our finance team supports partner companies by:

Creating management tools, dashboard and internal control procedures

Implementing recommendations approved by the company executive committees

Facilitating cash pooling, funding access as well as bank relationships

We can also provide legal, tax, accounting, and social law support

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