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Intys Hackathon 2019

#Hack Intys Volume 2

10 September 2019

What did our Intys Hackathon look like? Watch the after-movie Curious to know more about our Intys Hackathon Volume 2? Read the following...

Achieving a new step in our development

Achieving a new step in our development

19 July 2019

Omnes has acquired a minority stake in the Belgian consulting firm Intys, alongside management...


Living our values

10 July 2019

At Intys, we want you to reach your full potential, that is why we value: Performance, Courage, Competence, Accomplishment....

Digital Transformation Challenge by Intys

4 June 2019

On the 28th of May, we have been proud to welcome our 30 selected participants on a total of 300 from the first round of the Digital Transformation Challenge by Intys....

Gain Competitive advantage through Supply Chain Risk Management

3 April 2019

Everyone understands how physical events such as a fire in a warehouse, a flooding or a hurricane can...

How can individual competency leverage on overall company efficiency ?

25 March 2019

Business challenges it is commonly know that two heads are better than one, if your...


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