To meet the expectations of all our stakeholders, including employees, partners, customers, suppliers and investors, Intys Partners has made corporate social responsibility (CSR) an integral part of its growth strategy.

Diversity & gender equality

Intys Partners is built and represented by men and women who work every day to convey our way of thinking.

The diversity of people is our capital, it drives performance and innovation.

Aware that a fulfilled consultant leads to a satisfied customer, special attention is paid when selecting our profiles.

We strive to ensure diversity of profiles; in terms of gender, expertise and backgrounds.


Different nationalities

are represented


of Intys’ employees
are less than 30 years old

People development and recognition

Intys Partners has the objective of building a highly qualified, motivated, and international team. We want to have the best people, with a commitment to reach the best results for our clients. Our people are encouraged and prepared to take initiative, show adaptability and continually learn in order to analyze and solve problems better.
We believe it is our responsibility to foster the development and recognition of Intys’ people by creating the conditions for everyone to succeed. We are also committed to empowering our employees with the best tools, support and methodology, ensuring an efficient way of working. This typically leaves space for expressing their creativity, and achievement on their jobs – while leaving place for personal life.
Our collective success depends on the quality of each person.
The promotion of our talents is linked to their ability to excel and adopt a can-do attitude and a team spirit essential to the success of complex projects.

Engaged in making business
more responsible

We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility’s (CSR) immense power in making business more responsible, managing risks and fostering innovations.

In 2017, we agreed to undergo an independent sustainability performance assessment organized by EcoVadis. Our score saw our company receive a « Silver » level of recognition, positioning us within the top 30% of companies.

With this expert assessment and analysis incorporating our data into an informative Scorecard, we can track and improve our company’s CSR/sustainability performance.

Want to know more about the EcoVadis methodology?
EcoVadis is a CSR analysis system, covering 21 criteria across four themes of environment, fair labor practices, ethics/fair business practices, and supply chain. The methodology is built on international CSR standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000, covering 150 spend categories and 140 countries.

University Partnerships

Education plays a vital role in our values.

The Université Libre de Bruxelles and Intys Consulting team up to give students in engineering a unique chance to put into practice what they were taught in their logistics quality and supply chain management courses.

With 90% of the students recommending this course to their peers these last 2 years, Intys and the ULB are renewing this partnership and are continuing to shape the next generation of consultants.