Our story

The founders

Michel Van Hemele and Philippe Metz are 2 entrepreneurs, 2 experienced professionals with 2 complementary styles. Their common factors are a distinct sense of creativity, determination, intelligence and fearlessness. For 10 years, Michel and Philippe have been sharing the same business consulting approach and working hand-in-hand to make Intys Partners ever more solid and successful.

Michel Van Hemele

Philippe Metz

Michel Van Hemele started his career in international and corporate banking at Generale de Banque. He quickly moved to an international position in London and New York. In 1992, he was recruited by the Antwerp holding company Ackermans Van Haaren to turn around Creyf’s, the HR services company quoted on Euronext Brussels. Alongside this, for some 23 years, he has been an International Management professor at the Faculty of Economics and Management at KU Leuven (Brussels Campus). Presently he is on a leave of absence. In addition to being the founder and president of Intys Group, Michel has also served as Managing Partner of Essensys since he acquired the company from Ernst and Young. He is chairman of the board of the brewery Duvel Moortgat and board member of Bank Nagelmackers. Michel advises clients during critical stages of their corporate life, i.e., large-scale change projects, major business developments, and restructuring programs.

Management team

Philippe Metz

CEO of Intys Partners

Grégory Andries

Partner / CEO of Intys FSA

Arnaud Chauvin

Partner / Director Intys Data & Intys Luxembourg

Katrien De Both

Partner / CFO

Stéphane Franchini


Jean-François Heering
Jean-François Heering

Partner / CEO of Vadis Technologies

Pascale Sansonetti

Partner / CEO of Agir

Tony Shungu


Virrassack S
Virassack Sisounol


Key Financials

Key Financials