Problem solvers by nature

All our experienced consultants are graduated from renowned universities, engineering or business schools, have a good business comprehension & a problem solving mindset.

Problem solvers by Intys

Every consultant is encouraged to take initiatives, show adaptability and is trained according to

The Intys Way

based on 3 Pillars, ISolv, IDev, IShare.


Why ?

Because specific customer problems need specific solutions. ISolv is our standard way to ensure that these are of the highest quality.

How ?

ISolv is composed of 8 steps, from the Problem clarification to the lessons learned.

What ?

Our very own mission/problem-solving methodology drawn from Lean, Prince 2 & Agile philosophy frameworks. It is all about asking the right questions to ensure the first-time-right resolution.


Why ?

To develop thinking people, because you need a career boost.

How ?

Through IDev, we rather develop thinking people that build their knowledge and know-how on an as-needed basis.

What ?

IDev includes our program Certification and our very special training program (more than 1200 hours per year).


Why ?

Because we want to act as an interconnected network of thinking people that feed Intys' collective intelligence: we draw on others’ experiences to solve the same problem only once.

How ?

By Sharing our know-how through Internal Practices, Intys Lab and IShare 2.0 our intranet and Office Suite collaborative tools.

What ?

IShare is a set of tools and behaviours for the collective benefit.

A unique agile approach to consultancy

COMPASS is a team composed of multidisciplinary experienced professionals helping our customers to accelerate their delivery performance

The team is flexible with our client's projects (both expertise and timing);
Ensures tailor-made solutions by jointly elaborating the implementation plan with our customers; is acting as a "lab" where the focus is on technology, market trends, and service development.