Engage for Impact

Intys Partners is a catalyst for growth for companies in management, consultancy, and technology. Intys helps its clients, employees, and partners to maximize their impact. Acting as an investment vehicle as well as an incubator for companies facing challenges, Intys Partners stimulates collaboration to answer tomorrow’s business challenges better, while offering dedicated in-house support. At Intys, we proudly bring together niche market companies focused on delivering innovation and impact to every stakeholder.





Intys Consulting is the historical Group Company dedicated to improving its clients' operational performance and impact. Our intyssers are the best to design and execute operational tactics, accompanying companies from strategic vision to the implementation plan.

Intys FSA’s broad financial industry expertise and specific consulting tools addresses its clients’ needs in their challenging environment. Intys FSA accompanies them to quickly deploy solutions to keep up with their own clients' demands, market and regulation disruption, and fierce competition.

Intys Data is your partner in unlocking your data potential and turning your data assets into a renewable and sustainable resource.

Vadis Technologies is a leading European company in Big Data Analytics, Data as a Service and Data-Driven Management. With its proprietary solution, Flair, its data scientists transform data into powerful insights.

Agir joined Intys Partners at the end of 2016. This French technology firm, created three decades ago, has 80 experts advising the maritime, civil and military industries, as well as offshore oil and gas extraction companies.

Based in the Paris area, Univers Retail is an independent management and operational strategy consulting firm specialized in the BtoB and BtoC distribution sector and supports the major retail chains from defining their strategy to its operational implementation.

An entrepreneurial mindset as a common denominator

Since 2007, an entrepreneurial mindset is shaping our organization.

No matter how different we are as individuals – we all think like entrepreneurs and that allows us to anticipate changes and better address the upcoming business challenges.

We value Accomplishment, Courage, Performance, and Responsibility.