Engage for Impact

Intys Partners is a catalyst for growth for companies in management, consultancy, and technology. Intys helps its clients, employees, and partners to maximize their impact. Acting as an investment vehicle and an incubator for companies facing challenges, Intys Partners stimulates collaboration to answer tomorrow’s business challenges better while offering dedicated in-house support. At Intys, we proudly bring together niche market companies focused on delivering innovation and impact to every stakeholder.





Intys Consulting is the historical Group Company dedicated to delivering lasting impact and long-standing results to its clients by translating its strategies into successful projects and executable operations. Intys is specialized in assisting industrial, private & public organizations concerning their support functions & cross-functional activities.

Intys FSA is the group consulting firm dedicated to guiding its financial field clients, achieving sustainable performance through delivering tailor-made and innovative solutions. Intys FSA develops and implements best execution strategies that incorporate digitalization and emerging technologies. Drawing on its industry knowledge, Intys FSA helps its clients meet their business needs while responsibly navigating the risk and regulatory landscape.

Intys Data is the group consulting firm combining its business and technical expertise to help its clients build their resilience through data and information risk minimization. Intys Data is THE partner to unlock the data potential and turn your data assets into renewable and sustainable resources.

Vadis Technologies transforms public and private data into structured databases and business information to help clients gain insights into their third parties and comply with regulations. With a unique Data-Analytics-as-a-Service approach, Vadis Technologies offers visibility on group structure through UBO, financial and non-financial risk scoring tools, AML, and fraud cases.

AGIR is a technology consulting company founded by a team of engineers and technicians, sharing a common culture with its clients. Recognized for its consultants' multi-disciplinarity and high level of expertise, AGIR develops innovative technologies and solutions while guaranteeing optimal service to satisfy and anticipate its clients’ needs.

Univers Retail is the management and operational strategy consulting firm of Intys Partners, specialized in the BtoB and BtoC distribution sectors. Univers Retail supports the major brands from defining their strategy to its operational implementation. Univers Retail is recognized for the quality of our interventions, carried out with enthusiasm, pragmatism, and concern for results.

An entrepreneurial mindset as a common denominator

Since 2007, an entrepreneurial mindset is shaping our organization.

No matter how different we are as individuals – we all think like entrepreneurs, and that allows us to anticipate changes and better address the upcoming business challenges.

We value Accomplishment, Courage, Performance, and Responsibility.