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Our ambition and strategic approach

We aim to achieve excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do: Serving our clients, inspiring our people, and contributing to society. It is binding us together.

Intys Being Partner

Being a Partner of Choice

We value business partnerships, whether it is in between the group companies and partnerships with our clients. We stimulate collaborations to better respond to tomorrow’s multi-expertise business challenges. We believe that by promoting synergies, we can develop and deliver the best value for our customers. In addition, acquiring companies with vast experience in different fields makes us more responsive to a wider range of challenges.

Intys Employee Experience

Being an Employer of Choice

This is more than just a buzzword. We crafted an Employee Experience program to make the Intys Employee Experience unique to our 360 employees. Because it is recognized that great employee experiences increase productivity, improve customer service, and lead to greater profitability, we decided to bet on a virtuous circle where everybody wins: the employees, the customers, and the organization.

Giving back to society

Beyond Intys ambition to play a key role in creating value for European companies, we wish to be an active player in the field of societal change. The Group contributes to social improvement from two perspectives: - By offering sponsorship of competencies to local valuable NGOs. - Through its social action, supporting local economic growth and contributing to social welfare.